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CBRE Rolls Out Spacer to Help Companies Plan Engaging Workplaces



Salt Lake City – CBRE Group, Inc. today launched Spacer, a free workplace planning product to help companies apply best-in-class workplace trends to their office layout. Targeting companies with 15-300 employees that may have never enlisted the help of a workplace consultant, the technology offers a user-friendly interface and a gamified experience that recommends customized office workspace specifications designed to help organizations enhance their company culture, drive productivity and creativity, and attract and retain the best talent. Spacer is accessible to anyone for free online at workplace.cbre.com.

“Most large companies are now utilizing some degree of workplace strategy in their real estate process, designing their space with a data-driven understanding of how they work and what their employees care about. Smaller companies are also looking to create a workplace environment that attracts talent and engages employees in meaningful ways, but often without access to the resources larger organizations are using,” said Damla Gerhart, Senior Managing Director and Americas lead for CBRE’s Workplace practice. “Spacer is an accessible technology that allows companies of all sizes to think about how to integrate new ways of working into their office space in formats that make sense for them.”

The first of its kind in the industry and available to companies of any size, Spacer delivers a custom, architect-ready space program with square footage recommendations for every desk, office and collaboration space, along with the built-in amenities that matter to a company’s workforce, such as wellness rooms and community areas for eating and socializing.


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