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Sunset Campground in Farmington Canyon to be decommissioned


FARMINGTON — Due to public safety, the Sunset Campground in Farmington Canyon will be decommissioned.

In a statement, the Salt Lake Ranger District of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest said the cumulative degradation of the campground’s infrastructure no longer meets public health and safety standards. In addition, the water system is no longer serviceable without extensive repair and replacement. The campground is located 3.3 miles up Farmington Canyon Road.

Later this summer, rock barriers will be placed at the campground’s entrance and all existing damaged infrastructure will be removed. Next year, the ranger district will begin to address watershed, erosion and vegetation concerns by reclaiming the road and restoring the site.

The Bountiful Peak Campground, located 3.5 miles southeast of Sunset Campground, will continue to provide an opportunity for camping and picnicking in the area.


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