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Woman sues actor Tom Sizemore alleging sex abuse on Salt Lake movie set


SALT LAKE CITY — A woman who claims she was sexually abused by actor Tom Sizemore on the set of a movie when she was a little girl filed a lawsuit Monday against him.

Kiersten Pyke, 26, contends that in 2003, when she was 11 years old, she was shooting the movie “Piggybank,” which was later retitled to “Born Killers.” She played the role of Sizemore’s daughter in the movie. On Aug. 29, 2003, the two were at an abandoned house, 644 E. 300 South in Salt Lake City, for a photo shoot with a Christmas theme, according to a police report.

As part of the session, Pyke sat on Sizemore’s lap. Sizemore was 41 or 42 at the time, the lawsuit states. She contends that Sizemore inappropriately touched her while she did that. Her mother filed a report with Salt Lake police on Sept. 12, 2003.

Sizemore was fired from the movie after the allegations came to light, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, returned months later for reshoots when the girl’s parents declined to press charges.

The Salt Lake police report, however, states that the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office declined to file formal charges “due to witness and evidence problems.”

After the allegations were brought to light by the Hollywood Reporter article, Sizemore released a statement in November on his Twitter account, strongly denying the claims.

“I don’t deserve this. I never, nor would I ever, sexually touch a child. I have done many things I deeply regret,” he said in the statement. “However, I did not do this.”

The police report says Sizemore was fired from the movie and sent home to California. It also says Sizemore had, in turn, notified the production company that he was suing.

In her lawsuit, Pyke says because of Sizemore’s alleged actions, she “has developed a number of serious mental, psychological and emotional problems, caused substantially from this event.

“Kiersten has developed substance addictions and problems resulting from the sexual assault by Sizemore,” the lawsuit continues. “She has become co-dependent, believing that ‘no one saved me’ from this event. She has trouble watching movies where young children are involved, wondering if that same type of event has happened to those children.”

Pyke said she now has post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Because of the above-mentioned sexual abuse, Kiersten has had a lifelong battle with abuse of alcohol, drugs and sex,” the lawsuit states. “This sexual abuse destroyed Kiersten Pyke’s sense of self-worth.”

In her lawsuit, Pyke is seeking “no less than $3 million.”

This story will be updated following a press conference from Pyke and her attorney, Robert Sykes.


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