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Center for Health and Counseling takes care of ‘the little and the big things’


Flu season is finally coming to a close, but Salt Lake Community College’s Center for Health and Counseling addresses all kinds of student health issues year-round.

Salt Lake County saw 997 hospitalizations last year due to the illness. The Center for Health and Counseling offers free flu shots and hopes that SLCC students take advantage of them. Although the time to get a flu shot has mostly passed, the center still encourages students to come down to their office.

As Jessica Pettersson, the center’s health promotion and education manager, explains, “We are a one-stop shop for comprehensive medical care.”

Pettersson has been with the center for a little over a year now and wants to see more student use from their clinic.

“If you’re not feeling well, or need to figure some stuff out, we can help with that,” she says.

With a licensed nurse practitioner on staff, as well as a trained psychiatric nurse practitioner, the center is prepared to help in any way possible. The clinic offers services ranging from a regular check-up, lab work and testing, to counseling sessions and medication management.

Their on-site nurse practitioner, Terri Mehlhoff, mainly spends her time treating students and reassuring them that they are healthy.

“You know they [students] are mostly healthy,” she says, “they do really want information about health.”

The most common thing Mehlhoff has seen with students is an inability to treat the common cold.

“Sometimes students will come in, and they are in a panic, they’ve had a sore throat since this morning,” she says. “They desperately believe they need an antibiotic and want relief immediately, but often, it’s viral which could take two weeks to recover.”


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