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Over $70M collected in school fees in Utah in 2017


Failure to comply could cost students a future.

It has been reported today that over $70 Million was collected in School Fees in Utah public schools. The failure of many public schools in the state to comply with the school fee policies are now putting student futures at risk.

A Report released by the Utah State Board of Education which focused on School Fees, showed a 29% increase in fees over 5 years. While the annual increase may have been palatable to parents, this new revelation will leave many questioning the ethics of schools within the state.

While the state does provide for students from struggling socio-economic backgrounds to access services within the school system, it appears that these services are not keeping pace with the growth in student enrolment. In the period examined, there was a 20% increase in student enrolments, however, there was only a 4% increase in fee waivers.

The report implies that students could potentially become excluded and disassociated from their academic activities by stating there’s “specific probability of student exclusion from activities because of an inability to pay fees”.

The report also stated that 17% of schools “treated the students and parents differently from others and/or identified them to people who did not need to know they were on a waiver,” while also stating that many schools “informed coaches and teachers which students were on waivers without sufficient purpose”.


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